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All of our business is generated from happy customers! If your friend or family member has referred you to us, then we are excited to show you a free solar estimate.

What Your Free Solar Estimate Will Include:

Not everyone will qualify to go solar, find out if going solar is a good fit for you or not! We will ask you a series of questions to help discover your potential for going solar. This 2 minutes questionnaire will give you the following information on your report:

  • Total Savings Report what you will save by converting over to a clean energy source!
  • Custom Design - what a solar system will look like on top of your roof!
  • Upfront Cost - Most homeowners go solar for $0 down, find out if you qualify for this!
  • Total Rebates - Illinois is the best state for going solar; incentives are quickly going away!
  • Estimate Timeline - Based off of your city, we will tell you how long it will take to go solar
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